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Cerebral Uprising
Days become a cascade
of insignificance as their ghostly
remnants are borne into retinas.
Mind a-flutter with matters;
light and dark.
Some are starlight and some bend it.
Peristantly fingers grasp at and
entwine solemn syllables
mercilessly as the amnesia
multiplies and endemically spreads.
Brows become knit in concentration
as the flesh weaves
into a mask to help portray
the guise of comprehension.
A rubik's cube turned countless times
where none of the lines match anymore
and the kaleidascope of colours lies scattered.
This enigmatic series of events leads up to one
question -
It rings within bones
and throbs in between the ribs
as the crimson echoes it amongst
The membranes swell and permeate
three meager letters and it is expelled
through raw and ravaged throats
as they starve for oxygen and receive
this instead.
As the letters gather
within various cells,
nucleoli bending to this mutation;
it provides a cry
so deafening and so hollow
as it
:iconsilverwingsoffire:silverwingsoffire 0 0
Helical Miasmas
The sun swells;
its belly full on the horizon
as it precariously leans,
the great crimson wick exploding as
it razes the nearby clouds.
My eyes fill 
with its contagious light 
as I let it pierce 
my irises with its fire.
I stand,
surrounded by everything
feeling inconsequential 
within its defiant glare.
I am struck,
dumb-founded at its
ever-encompassing presence
and for a moment
I escape myself and 
enter that 
edematous sunset.
:iconsilverwingsoffire:silverwingsoffire 1 3
A Memorable Show
His deft fingers glide
along the neck of his
axe as languidly as rain droplets
that are echoed from above.
The thunder of the drums
reverberates the stage and
shakes the ground as it is
mirrored in the skies.
Lightning as quick as the riffs
that leap from the electric guitar
light up and the notes cascade
from the clouds.
The momentous occasion
when life imitates art;
imitates life.
What a thrilling sensation,
we are soaked to the bone
and couldn't be happier
as our flesh welcomes
the long-awaited precipitation
mixing with perspiration as
the treble clefs wrap about us all
and embrace us with that
never-ending love of music.
The Black Keys -
how you make our
hearts sing.
Be they charred and broken
or healthy and filled with vermilion.
You certainly know how to stun
the crowd so much so that nature
has to intervene.
:iconsilverwingsoffire:silverwingsoffire 1 12
How many syllables remain
when there is nothing left
to say;
minds and voices run
rampant with barely a
whisper of intentions
to instill emotions
When the syllables wither
and deteriorate
how do the words
form and exist
as a whole?
Minds are a-clutter with
fragments of terms that
may have meant
something once
just pass through -
dust motes that
linger and settle
These necessary parts
of speech are dying slowly
as I try
to form them upon
my amnesiac tongue.
Minds run rampant
as voices struggle
to be mere echoes
in this
encompassing silence.
Their shadows flicker
on my retinas as I see
apologies, regrets and
pass like zephyrs.
Zephyrs that speak
of nothing;
of everything,
as I sit and ponder
how to revive the dead
that reside in
this calcified cage.
:iconsilverwingsoffire:silverwingsoffire 0 7
Twilight Musings
Dark matter -
bending starlight
disconnecting from the earth
travelling billions of light years
in endless orbit;
upon an axis unbeknownst to humanity.
:iconsilverwingsoffire:silverwingsoffire 0 0
Frost-Bitten Spring/Verdant Uprising Reprise
Frost-bitten spring
buds encased in a silvery-hued amber
avian melodies are frozen in the sky
like frantic cantos in the bleak clouds
Each verse speaks softly
while others scream in delight
as the world finds itself
lost in betwixt winter and spring;
at a permanent stand-still.
Beneath this feral wind
I glance at the sun and
the radiation floods through me
like water finding an arid desert.
My retinas burn and glimmer
with a certain defiance as this gale
rises and falls.
The currents whisper of inspiration
as they tease my fingers
and the maddening urge to stain
my hands with ink becomes clear.
Eternal blue skies beckon and call
as I float into their embrace;
soft wisps of cirrus clouds
bob to and fro like lost icebergs.
And still my cerebellum blossoms as
a black bird takes flight within
and I awaken
into this frost-bitten spring.
:iconsilverwingsoffire:silverwingsoffire 1 1
Red Eye
The night comes on cold and clear -
alive with anticipation.
Ambling forward mundanely to reach
an adventure that lies across the pond.
Packed full -
a tin of sardines
passing time as we hang suspended in the sky.
Morpheus and Chronus work in unison
to weave a web so complex that mind
and body are contorted like marionettes
with their strings in knots.
The silver machine touches down
with slight turbulence and we stumble through
unknown streets -
bewildered and trapped in a dream-like state.
The surreal becomes more tangible as
night melts into day melts into night.
We finally find the beginning and unravel
the dream to wake into the history of a city
where its stories and culture is emmanated
from within its stones.
:iconsilverwingsoffire:silverwingsoffire 1 6
Forgotten Letters
Dust permeates throughout,
the motes seeking out
some kind of residence,
instead resonating like
fallen stars upon
the barren racks.
Ghosts of pages
exist symbiotically
with them,
their exoskeletons littered
throughout -
unseen to the naked eye.
As years go by,
in perpetual reverse
these shells combine
with others to form
ink scratched upon pages.
Their elaborate lines
dance together in
perfect harmony
teasing the retinas
and whispering secrets
to the ear that will
bend to listen.
Time goes by again -
ever fleeting as
their screams resonate
as innocent pages
fall to the flame, their
words of ash
float to the skies
of the valuable
information they
may have once contained.
The fires burn bright,
the orange voraciously
devouring the ebony
upon white as finally they
settle unto the sterile
environment of shelves
naked -
nary a piece of literature
to exist within.
Their lifeless corpses
are mere holograms
that gleam upon
the abandoned shelves,
damned souls forever
trying to find their place
:iconsilverwingsoffire:silverwingsoffire 0 0
Memory of the Incarcerated
The syllables never frightened me more,
each ess sounding more terrifying than the next -
the vowels collided harshly as the word
sprawled across the stone.
A beaten  path led us to the memories
of thousands of victims, feeling each step
like a fresh wound re-opening and seeping
with a dormant infection.
The rancid air floated about as each step
grew heavy and the soft organ within inside
this incarnadine cage tightened and
started pumping faster -
fight or flight,
the adrenaline was evident.
The shuffling of feet on the gravel made
the vessels flutter as we reached the mass graves.
They stood underwhelming -
tiny bodies like skeletons protruding from the ground
as an ugly reminder of what once was.
The birds sang and yet their songs uttered
nary any joy -
melodies like dirges for the dead although
the grass grew and flowers bloomed,
And yet, a single crow carried its raspy voice
as it refracted from stone to stone,
Preying upon the we
:iconsilverwingsoffire:silverwingsoffire 1 0
Untitled - wip
And the single syllable
in her sonorous laughter
echoed of rose petals -
the soft hue emulating a
sunset that never ends.
Time has no regard for
solar energy as it precariously
rests on the horizon -
a perpetual dusk meant
only for us,
where night and day
battle for sole
:iconsilverwingsoffire:silverwingsoffire 0 5
Inside the Carbon
we float through the streets
like tiny bubbles that might
just rise past the ozone
and our feet would transcend
Tiny footsteps that imprint
upon the sidewalks and make
us leave our marks with each
passing step.
The champagne flows through us;
osmosis lends bravado that is
feigned with much charisma as
we trail off towards the next stop.
Each metro station is another
star in the constellation
as we converse and leave
residue in its air as we
casually make our way off it.
We gaze at sights that promise
'Nuit Blanche'
and our night echoes
of a blankness
that greets our irises
as we intake each sight,
lends its frankness within our
medullas and let us reflect their
thoughts with a single sigh.
Our cerebration lends to the witticism
that is found within the champagne
bubbles we find ourselves living in;
as we float on throughout the streets
and let the night course throughout
our veins making us transparent and luminescent.
We intake the stars inside our bronchii,
:iconsilverwingsoffire:silverwingsoffire 0 0
The Calamitous Brine
The plates--
brittle and cold
move like the oceans.
Tiny ripples grasped
by the current
take siege of anything
within their path.
Our hearts pulse
with the same ferocity
as our P waves stutter
and fall clumsily into Q-R-S
and then end abruptly with a
final T as the echoes progress.
They reverberate against
the xylophone of calcium
and silver phosphorous
as the off-key notes
form an arcane arpeggio.
The songs are both treacherous
yet soothing just like the waves
that gently lap at the sailor's sanity.
:iconsilverwingsoffire:silverwingsoffire 0 0
Mature content
The Red :iconsilverwingsoffire:silverwingsoffire 0 0
The Moon's Voyage
An hour into sunday
with the moon glaring
its huge yellow eye
between my blinds.
Gently chiding me
as if saying, Morpheus
is near and you've forgotten
your parachute again.
Ovines dance behind
half-closed eyes as
the lunar magnet
tries in vain to bring
me into tomorrow.
Alas, its sweet golden
light floods across
my face in between
the soft glow from my lamp
but I rebel, persistantly.
As I force myself awake
and remember where just
a week's prior the way
she shone over Prague.
Light feet gently scraping
the cobblestones as they
sang of their history,
painting their stories
unto our soles.
And the way she
danced her silver light
across the darkenened
shadow of the River
Vltava as the tiny lights
emanating from the lamp
posts echoed of fallen stars.
Voices carried -
soft sopranos,
melodious mezzos,
boisterous bass
and the night was
still young at our fingertips.
We drank another beer
and happily clinked our
"Na zdraví!"
But, those times now past
and we're back on home soil
:iconsilverwingsoffire:silverwingsoffire 0 2
The golden rays are like arrows
as they pierce the bones;
blinded by the light
the retinas become unnessary
as the world becomes a medallion.
White flesh flash-burnt black,
the embers burn as they spread
and the light collapses from within.
Becoming apart of the scarred flesh
with this never-ending sunburn,
I cry.
Agonizingly aware of the
humanity I am a part of.
The flame sears it all
as the masochist nods
and takes the beating willingly-
the simplicity of living.
:iconsilverwingsoffire:silverwingsoffire 0 1
Electric Dawn
The early dawn stretches
and reaches across the horizon
as lustrous silks parade
across the skies.
The clouds bare all;
vehement dark shadows
twist within their tumultous bodies
keeping the secrets close.
The electricity is almost palpable,
currents echo like wires
inside this mainframe and I
wonder whether my outer self
is simply an icon
upon a white glowing screen.
My footsteps fall effortlessly
as I feel this wormhole searing
through my ribcage -
magnetically pulling me
to my destination.
Soothing voices float
throughout the cushions nestled
within my ears
softly singing me into another
saturday morning.
:iconsilverwingsoffire:silverwingsoffire 0 1


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Anna M.
Current Residence: Mapleland
Favourite genre of music: Anything with lyrics that are meaningful and music that speaks for itself.
Favourite cartoon character: Beaker! (Though he's a muppet...not a cartoon so Stewie of Family Guy)
Personal Quote: "You were born an original, don't die a copy." -- Anonymous
  • Listening to: Trains - Porcupine Tree
  • Reading: The Magicians
  • Watching: the snowflakes dancing in the skies
  • Playing: with the dregs of sanity
  • Eating: my words and regurgitating them
  • Drinking: my thoughts in

It has come to my attention as of late that I am in a dire need to write and yet not a thing comes to mind ever since June 2011 where I walked through the paths of a concentration camp called Sachsenhausen, that I have become that phrase that which means the most to me. Tabula rasa is something that I do not only breathe but feel with every ounce of my being; it's like ever since that day everything that I'm capable of creatively has been wiped clean from my inner being and the easel is blank once more. I do not feel new or refreshed in anyway, spiritually and emotionally I suppose you could say I am more than stable as I have been busying myself with a great many things that amuse and both delight me and yet creatively I am a vast and utter hollow. Empty, my thoughts run rampant on a regular basis so much so that I find myself at times zoned out and their tinny sounds reverberating off my skull near to madness but enough to function.

I stumble upon here once in a while as I no longer have the time nor the attention span to sift through the various amazing pieces of work on here that used to offer me so much inspiration and small nudges to evolve whatever madness lay within this calcified cage, but I miss the camraderie and the support and the criticisms and all things dA. Perhaps, when I get my change of scenery, perhaps I shall return here but for now I'll contentedly lurk here in the shadows until I feel that I have an iota of something intriguing, let alone decent to share with those of the devious nature.

This isn't goodbye, dA. This is simply a slight salutation from the soft shadows.

to all the lifely folk out here who do (and don't) get what that word means.



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